Pioneer A-50DA Amplifier

Today the line of Pioneer stereo amplifiers has several models. The amplification of D class is realized in all models including Pioneer A-50DA. The branded concept Direct Energy is realized here, the essence of which is in optimized architecture of output cascade and supply unit for getting low nonlinear distortion, high signal/noise ratio and, consequently, the better result. In the transformer of supply circuit there are separate isolated windings for pre-amplification, power amplifier and control schemes. The functionality of the model is quite wide too.

First of all I should say about the possibility of work with digital musical material, which can be taken not only on coaxial and optical outputs but also through USB from the computer. The high quality digital signal operating is supported by the precise 32-bit chip of ESS SABRE32 ULTRA DAC ES9016 with eight-channel processing of PCM and DSD data with the range of sampling frequencies, limited from above by 384 kHz and 11,2 MHz. These numbers are impressive.

Analog switching certainly was not forgotten too: there are four unbalanced linear RCA inputs and also the input for signal of MM pickup (the older model with A-70DA index has a balanced analog input and the possibility of work with signal of MC heads). The ground terminal can cope with background noise at the playing of vinyl. The input and output of a control signal give the possibility to integrate the amplifier into a single system for the centralized power control. You can use Pioneer A-50DA as power amplifier - for this purpose the designers have provided a special Power Amp Direct input and the activation button of a corresponding mode on the faceplate. There is Direct function for purists, which directs the signal by-passing the regulators of balance and tone. Also there is quite rare now but still, undoubtedly, useful function of loudness, which increases the return on the edges of frequency range at the listening at low volume level. Among bonuses there are auto transition into standby mode when no-signal during half an hour (turn on and off by APD button on the remote control) and the possibility to adjust brightness of the indicators (Dimmer button). Pioneer A-50DA is able to work with two pairs of speaker systems, for which there are two pairs of qualitative screw output connectors A and B; possible combinations: A, B, A+B. This function will help to organize two-wire connection of speaker systems by bi-wiring scheme. Output terminals are placed at a considerable distance from each other that simplifies the connection of wires with special physical parameters.

A thick (3,5 mm) aluminum frontal panel and controls give the solidity to the look of Pioneer A-50DA. The amplifier looks strictly, without frills and sentimentality. The workmanship does not give grounds for criticism. Classical remote control is quite handy, with the help of which you can control not only the amplifier but also content sources - network player and SACD player. Of course, if these components are also made by Pioneer.

Its sound matches a constructive level. In other words, Pioneer A-50DA saved face at the musical expertise too.

Operating both analog and digital signal and playing different by genres music, the amplifier showed an energetic, clear, accurate, expressive and volumetric sound image. Generally, the sound can be determined as quite comfort and pleasant. Lower case is outlined in relief and at the same time there is enough bass energy for the presentation in a room of average size of such demanding musical forms as hard rock, symphonic orchestra and organ. The playing of classical, jazz and other acoustic music gives grounds to certify the sound as neat in tonally-timbral and spatial way.

All these words refer to the functionality of Pioneer A-50DA in Direct mode. Appeal to equalizer allows you to vary the sound and bring it into accordance with individual tastes for a particular kind of music. It turned out that timbre regulations work quite effectively. The same can be said about loudness, which gives the possibility to avoid the deficit of low and high frequencies during late night listening.

Certainly, you shouldn't talk about sound resolution of Pioneer A-50DA fundamentally, because it is quite an inexpensive electronic device, which refers to low Hi-Fi. However, correspondence of low price to its technological, functional and sound level does not cause any doubts.

Pioneer A-50DA Amplifier photo