JVC RX-7042 AV-receiver

The model JVC RX-7042 is equipped to the very hilt. As it has become traditional for the company's devices, the characteristics grow out of its price category. The powerful processor Motorola DSP56367 (processing speed is 150 million operations per second) is responsible for decoding the signal of the most advanced formats - DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, DTS 96/24 and Dolby Digital EX. Also there are the system of oversampling CC and the algorithm of auto configuration of surround field (but without the use of microphone). Screw terminals for all outputs and the tuner with RDS add the picture. The main difference from the flagship model is the lack of equalizer and multi-channel output from pre-amplifier. The design of front panel slightly changed too in comparison with components of the previous series. All-in-all the device looks very solid and promising. Surprisingly, but receivers of JVC are still not among the most popular models on the market, although they are highly competitive by its possibilities and more often even superior to competitors.

JVC RX-7042 shows the traditional, firmed sound: accurate and at the same time comfortable. Formed by the receiver sound field seems to be absolutely real, tiny details of a soundtrack reach audience. For music part JVC RX-7042 is also on top - the traditions of stereo, which JVC were famous for, are alive. At the connection by "digit" the receiver refines sound of inexpensive DVD-players, music gains more depth and diversity. The quality of low-level signal elaboration very impresses. One note - it is better to use sensitive acoustic with a nominal impedance of 8 Ohm with this device. The sound need a little bit more bass in difficult load. In General, advantages and disadvantages of this model are similar to JVC RX-8032, except that the latter one plays music more interesting. So, JVC RX-7042 - is one of the best budget receivers on the market by both technical characteristics and sound quality.

JVC RX-7042 AV-receiver photo