Kenwood KRF-V5080D AV-receiver

Kenwood KRF-V5080D is one of the most available models in the firmed line of the receivers which at first distinguishes by the new design, a little more power and some additional functions, such as built-in equalizer (apparently, the interest to vinyl is becoming more obvious). There is also six-channel input for signal SACD/DVD-A source. However, the receiver is still equipped with not the fastest processor from Cirrus Logic. Of course I cannot complain, taking the device's price into account, but nevertheless competitors offer more advanced digital filling. The device is equipped with Active EQ system, which realizes the equalization of all channels and optimizes the frequency characteristic of soundtracks in DYS and Dolby Digital - for creation of more volumetric sound field. As for the rest the receiver has a minimal set of functions which are required today for building inexpensive home cinema. However, the lack of the newest formats support a bit disappoints.

Despite of the new design I didn't find out fundamental differences in the receiver's sound from the previous model. Although Kenwood KRF-V5080D provides signal decoding of main multi-channel sound formats, it can't boast of processing accuracy and confident formation of surround. Music is also played not very well - hard and too loud and bass, above all, needs the depth. There is a feeling that in the most critical moments the receiver loses control over the acoustics. However, even despite of outdated digital filling, it plays confidently enough to demonstrate the advantages of separate components over one-box kits. Due to good reserve of supply the device sounds more truly than any other DVD-receiver, being a part of the set "all-in-one".

Kenwood KRF-V5080D AV-receiver photo