Sony STR-DB795 AV-receiver

A very good model Sony STR-DB790 gave place to more "advanced" applicant. For rather small money the company offers seven (!) amplification channels and complete spatial processing of Dolby Pro Logic IIx signal. If the competitors use 6.1 scheme (additional decomposition of DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 doesn't occur), Sony STR-DB795 can process and convert any material in the form 7.1. The design of the device didn't change a lot - its appearance is quite consistent with the company's image. Accuracy, accuracy and accuracy - it's Sony. And what does our handsome have "under the hood"? Ambiguous inscription on the faceplate "Discrete 7ch amplifier" indicates that the receiver uses a conventional not digital amplification. Thanks God, we are delivered from unpleasant digital tint in the amplifiers of S-Master Pro series.

The company says that Sony STR-DB795 is "configured" on SACD - this means the using of broadband amplifiers, which can operate with a signal up to 100 kHz. Setting of the device is quite unpleasant thing, but it is worth it, trust me. Because the most important thing is what you will hear then...

If Sony STR-DB790 surprised by its capabilities, Sony STR-DB795 causes just shock - serious functional equipment gets along well with low price and perfect (for its group) sound. The device extracts lots of details from any material, at the same time staying calm and completely controlling the acoustics. Only in the most intense moments the sound of Sony STR-DB795 starts to miss some grace - "tops" become slightly callous and acquire the plaque of fragility. But sorry, we listen to the receiver for three hundred and fifty dollars. The power of Sony is, as usual, in nuances and accuracy. Flat AFC is ideal for blockbusters, but put music and Sony STR-DB795 will not lose face. You can complain of a bit decreased microdynamics - but again pay your attention to the price! Sony STR-DB795 is just a fairy by all parameters for its money.

Sony STR-DB795 AV-receiver photo