Boston Acoustics CR7 Bookshelf speakers

The manufacturers of CR7 Compact Reference Series seem to take into account a great amount of possible variants of the system use: the speakers can be fixed on the wall, as there are special mounting holes on the rear desk of the acoustic system; magnetic screening of the dynamic speakers allude to the theatrical applications; the metal (adjustable) protection louver is very practical.

The name of the Series implies the task solution of high quality sound without sacrificing the living space. A good criterion of success is the sensible buildup of low-frequency range, in which under the circumstances, an intricate compromise is unavoidable; theoretically, it feels like comprehensiveness of low-frequency aspect and accuracy of bass under the conditions of objective spectral limitation. Thus, it must be confessed that in most models of Compact Reference Series, including CR7, one of the most successful variants of this compromise is achieved. It goes without saying that the full scale "development" of percussion, band and stringed sounds needs more depth, but, by virtue of discreet and sensitive handling with upper bass elements, you will have the precise feeling of the given musical instrument coloring.

Actually, the whole system distinguishes itself by the accurate transmission of tonal coordination. Severe handling of musical content is broken only by the pleasant stressing of trebles, which brings a kind of airy lightness into the tone picture. The violin sounds correct, the acoustic guitar is very expressive; light accentuation of the sibilants in the vocal does not hinder, it even gives the ring of voice a specific charm. The high quality of the middle tones is noteworthily decreasing on the high levels of loudness, which finds expression in some lowering of clarity, transparency of the image. CR7 reconstructs the space very well, permits us to feel its depth and just ties the singers to the right place in the records, created according to the rules of audio engineering. The dignity of CR7 is its musical neutrality: the system is good at reproduction both classical music and any modern style. It is jazz that sounds especially pleasant when performed by CR7.

There is a dual-band acoustic of tuned type with an output port on the rear desk. The construction of the acoustic system suggests its mounting on the wall and compact installation in furniture alcoves: there is a 7-mm backlash between the rear desk of the acoustic system and the wall for the resonator's free work. The "equipment" of the system consists of the cone-shaped MF\LF dynamic speaker with a polymer membrane and a domical-cone-shaped radio-frequency head with a polymer membrane, too. All the RF heads have a magnetic shield.

Price: $260
Boston Acoustics CR7 Bookshelf speakers photo