Musical Fidelity Elektra E11 Amplifier

Recently, we had to face more often with extravagant blocks from Musical Fidelity series of "barrels". The same amplifier but more traditional in appearance nearly the same as the previous model E10 Series Elektra. This series is primary in the company's production program. It hasn't only the tone controls, loudness, headphones and a remote control that occurs in other companies, but also the balance control. That is amplifier all the time working in the DIRECT mode and enters the owner into temptation to experiment with frequency response. To listen to high-quality "compact", which worked on the creation of professionals (musicians and sound engineers), is enough of a linear path. Especially since the CD-player can be Elektra (e.g. Elektra E60). And as to not distract from the owner of a good time, the firm has the ability to connect only one pair of speakers.

In Musical Fidelity sound you like at the same time see the two sides of the same coin. It attracts and alarming, as sometimes you want to hug a beautiful girl, but there is something that keeps you in the girl. The amplifier is easy to cope with the fragments of difficult dynamic. Large and sharp sound contrasts don't represent for him special hardships. Similarly circus juggler admired, throwing without apparent tones weight effort. Improved dynamic spurred on natural reproduction of high frequencies, but the price to pay for all this was the deterioration of the noise characteristics, more prominent, of course, at the limit of the maximum positions of the volume control. As if to quickly climb to the top of the steep slope of music, its slope is roughened by a noise processing, and not perfectly smooth. Well-built stage, you look at just the top, maybe not from the balcony of the concert hall, but from the ranks of the amphitheater. Slightly jerky, contrasting contoured bass indicates that the amplifier can tame speakers with high quality factor with prolonged sustain. Although highly significant effect expected, of course, should not be.

Price: $400
Musical Fidelity Elektra E11 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 60 Watts into 8 ohms