Denon PMA-735R Amplifier

There are at least two original technical solution used in PMA-735 amplifier. Denon pays much attention to those issues. The first one is a high current output transistor with special construction. Located in capacity amplifier it provides two times greater value of output current on the picks. And the second one, it's obligatory availability of two power transistors thoroughly adjusted with its orientation during installation process. This requisition result in magnetic field dispersion decreasing that is often cause noises in amplifiers. Besides in order to decrease influence from control processor digital chains on analog part of PMA-735 amplifier small transformer was installed. It conducts feeding in orderly mode as well. Indication was designed a little bit sparingly: LED supports only switched on selector output. About another components state (especially about state of too much elegant buttons that turn on current compensation and DIRECT mode in which only volume regulator in signal chain only remains) we can get know by touch only. Remote control allows managing with other Denon audio system modules: player, cassette and MD-deck and tuner. It's very comfortable that volume letdown mode is turned on by remote.

Denon is pretty dynamic and sometimes it seems that it also tends to fast rhythms as well by hurrying slower bytes. There is special width in its sound. Such width can be explained by images performed for you by PMA-735R like through enhancing lines. Just imagine: stage's center broadens squeezing its sides and as pattern widens different elements of sound begin transforming. Nevertheless liberty easily compensates such aberrations besides on pop peculiarly on rock music effect isn't so significant. Although a little stage oncoming still remains just if you sit on the first row on the stalls. A person who likes watching concert being pinned by crowd directly to the ramp knows this effect. But at the same time this fact doesn't result in losing details and even on the symphonic orchestra storm waves each single music nuance was saved.

Price: $410
Denon PMA-735R Amplifier photo