KEF Cresta 2 Bookshelf speakers

Famous by not only its coaxial drivers KEF is not going to ignore the system of traditional design. The existence of such series like, for example, Concerto, Cresta is the evidence to this fact. Cresta 2 looks very massively and reliably. Quite a massive with harmonious proportions body diagonally crosses the MDF spacer, bracing already hard panels. The texture of the faceplate gives the significance to the appearance of speaker systems - "like leather". Tweeter is ferro-chilled; the heads are equipped with the device of phase correction. The body's edges are smoothed - to reduce edge effects.

Obvious design advantages of the system could not but impact the sound quality in the most positive way. The most attractive in the results of Cresta 2 work is the fullness of the image. Distinct movements of pure upper bass accurately work out the texture of sound of the most serious low-frequency instruments, such as horns and strings; here is the complete unity without "seams" with mid-range content. Often there was a desire to qualify the achievable by Cresta 2 low-frequency compromise as shelf ideal. I loved very much a precise, almost calligraphic graphics of high frequencies. In tops there are many clear air details. The quality of high frequencies almost doesn't suffer from the increase of volume. Smooth, a bit cool color is kept at low and quite high volume levels. The aggressiveness of MIDs increases in hard, energetic modes, the tension arises in vocals. The system is exacting to the quality of sound producer's work. In competent concert recordings the space of hall is perfectly felt, the stage's image is built correctly, while other modern recordings (mainly studio) sometimes show abnormal stereo geometry, very disturbing to perception.

Price: $190
KEF Cresta 2 Bookshelf speakers photo