KEF Coda 70 Bookshelf speakers

Coda firstly appeared in the 70s. It was assigned to a small shelf speaker system, designed to provide good Hi-Fi sound in small rooms for reasonable money. However, the prototype of today Coda is still a budget series, published in 1994, which had a distinctive design with ""unified" placement of emitters and bass-reflex port on the faceplate. I must say that a compact Coda 7 was very popular in Great Britain in the 90s. Coda 70 is a modern, more advanced in many regards version of Coda 7. In fact, the similarity of the old and new model is almost limited by analog principle of organization of the speakers' facade. The body of coda 7 is deeper and it is almost two times heavier. All heads are new. Tweeter now has an aluminum dome (vs soft in Coda 7) and cooling ferromagnetic liquid; the upper border was raised to 39 kHz (-6dB). An advanced woofer with a paper membrane, reinforced with special coating, allowed to deepen LF abilities and to reduce nonlinear distortions. Coda 70 is available in two variants of external finish by natural wood veneer - maple (light) and ash (black).

Coda 70 sounds openly and airy. The system works clearly and confidently in the upper range. Undoubtedly, its key advantage is exceptional for such class microdynamics: good portrayal of small secondary details over the whole spectral space quite vividly affects the images of imaginary instruments. At higher volume (towards comfortable level) bass becomes stronger, sound naturally enlarges, keeping integrity and timbre variety. At the same time leveling (from top) of dynamical contrasts becomes more noticeable on the energetic episodes, but this is quite forgivable for compact shelf speaker system; emerging role of low frequencies is accompanied by a decrease of bass line. The bar of extreme level (beyond which distortions become obvious) is extraordinary high.

Coda 70 is a correct musical system; this is, undoubtedly, an uncommon phenomenon for its class. Any musical forms are convincing in its interpretation, but vocal compositions, such as chamber classics and jazz, sound especially pleasantly and expressively. You can easily use the speaker systems to sound very small and quite spacious rooms.

Price: $350
KEF Coda 70 Bookshelf speakers photo