Harman/Kardon AVR 5500 AV-receiver

All hidden opportunities receiver Harman/Kardon AVR 5500 feel immediately. It allows you to create acoustic design 5.1 (presence of a five-channel power amplifier is to use a powered subwoofer) for sources with digital soundtrack Dolby Digital and DTS. In this case, for DTS are also possible modes DTS ES 6.1 Discrete, DTS ES 6.1 Matrix and DTS + Neo: 6 (with options "cinema" and "music"). The signal from the source to the analog matrixing processes decoder Dolby Pro Logic II (MOVIE mode and MUSIC). For two-channel has two modes: a newfangled or Dolby Pro Logic II EMULATION (5 channels), or the classic, the Dolby 3 Stereo (3 channels). This is all on the surface. But since AVR 5500 combines eight-preamp with AV-processor, it makes it easy to switch to the acoustic space 6.1 or even 7.1 by simply adding the two power amplifiers. In addition to the standard modes of signal processing ("Hall" and "theater"), the company offers a number of specific (LOGIC 7, WMAx), so that the total number of surround modes is 22. On the other hand, the receiver is provided with a second work area at preamplifier and input to the system bus control: The receiver is supplied to the second remote control, a highly simplified, but nevertheless has 30 buttons. Note that the additional degree of freedom in the configuration of having a home theater eight-channel preamp outputs and five-channel power amplifier, which are interconnected by external jumpers.

Receiver to limit saturated original features. Note disc play HDCD, the signal for which the same way as for MP3 is fed as a stream (S/PDIF) on one of the digital inputs. On-screen setup menu is very extensive and is presented for choosing the long or short form. For each independently may be set off time to time to read the information, but the window is not too hurt. Another interesting and useful feature: additional digital input jacks on the front panel allow redirection to the output. Condition is indicated by an LED located between them: red glow - the output Green - input (factory setting).

Own remote controls an AV-complex, because remember codes, clear different hardware large number of firms, and allows for macro programming. A system EzSet, microphone that is built into it, will accurately calibrate the speakers.

And if you give an integral assessment in a nutshell, the AVR 5500 - Solid receiver is 5.1 with excellent opportunities to upgrade to an eight channel system.

Price: $720
Harman/Kardon AVR 5500 AV-receiver photo