JVC RX-6010R AV-receiver

Its main trump card - a set of adjustable parameters. You can change almost everything, including the lower cutoff frequency of the signal sent to the speakers, as well as reduced by 10 dB amplitude of the signal in the channel LFE. (The right thing for the system is not very expensive "subwoofer": when the attenuator it becomes strained wheeze, reproducing frequencies below 50 Hz!). You can adjust the size of the receiver and the speaker presence/absence of a subwoofer to "tie" the digital input for any audio or AV-input, except for the entrance VCR, and finally rename the TAPE input in the CDR (if you have a tape recorder instead of the CD-Recorder). Most adjustments are only available from the front panel, but "duty" between it and the remote control are distributed sensibly - on the facade derived controls only those parameters that are defined once and for all (or to purchase a new component - say, a subwoofer). Meanwhile, to adjust the volume and delays - and it should be done, of course, sitting in the listening position - on the remote are special buttons. But do not rush to put pressure on them - will be taken to the tuner presets. First, press the switch Sound. This algorithm protects against accidental changes to settings.

To recommend this receiver? In the first place, just a home theater-goers. That is not going to acquire a player that plays SACD or DVD Audio, (RX-6010 does not have 5.1 inputs). Other "contra" no. Suggested to purchase a full-range speakers to it (including a solid center channel speaker). Only in this case it is. However, thanks to the impressive power the receiver from JVC is not too picky about such parameter speakers as sensitivity, and a variety of adjustments allow the best way to configure it to work with the "satellite/subwoofer".

Price: $280
JVC RX-6010R AV-receiver photo