Denon PMA-250SE Amplifier

Amplifiers of this company are renowned neutral sound without audible coloration and good transmission dynamics of music. For the most demanding audiophile company produces improved versions of their production models, which are compared with the base model differ mainly in the SE version using higher quality components.

This practice is widespread among manufacturers of modern audio and beneficial to both buyers and manufacturers of equipment. Manufacturers special edition SE version is convenient because it does not cost much to develop the model and its introduction into production, as it has a high degree of commonality with the basic production model. Well, the buyers to economize while twice. Firstly, the cost of the SE model for the reasons given above is substantially lower than the cost of a completely new model with the same sound quality. And secondly, the reliability of SE models is also great, as they are used many parts and components manufactured by well established technologies of mass production. So the practice of creating "improved versions" SE is welcome.

Thus, PMA-250SE is made according to the canons of ordinary audiophile amplifiers and therefore does not have the remote control and other "excesses". Functionality of its limited ability to directly connect the power mode (DIRECT) and connect an earphone to the jack on the front panel. When viewed "from the rear" revealed that Denon PMA-250SE, moreover, enables the additional connection to its outlet on the rear wall and three Hi-Fi-components. Life experience clearly shows in their favor, and therefore, this design solution Denon we liked. It is time, however, to proceed to business. First impressions of listening PMA-250SE in conjunction with floorstanding acoustics showed that the amplifier reproduces music in general "right" is very balanced and with no apparent defects audible sound. Closer listening reveals, however, a certain straightforwardness and simplicity of the dynamics in the supply of audio material.

When it was my turn, "bookshelf" babes, Denon makes a nearly identical character of the sound. In principle, the low sensitivity of the amplifier to the type of your speaker system is its advantage, so put the Denon in this position "plus". Enabling Voice little changed the nature of the sound amplifier, while we no longer liked his sound with a linear frequency response.

When you try to test the amplifier together with the turntable revealed that input PHONO-amp is, and no amplifier equalizer.

Correction amplifier is optional performance amplifier and set it for a fee. So - attention! If you want to buy this model in order to listen to with the help of records, be sure to pre-make sure you have it built-in offset.

Price: $260
Denon PMA-250SE Amplifier photo