NAD T750 AV-receiver

According to the description it seems that the developers include the technical characteristics of their vehicles to classified information, or believe that the buyer is certainly more important than the end result than the boring specification... Anyway, but no technical data in the passport is not given. But to communicate with this machine instructions practically unnecessary. Successfully configured and the remote control. Visual inspection revealed the presence of four groups of RCA-inputs (video plus stereo), four separate audio inputs and six-channel input for digital systems Surround. In the latter case (mode "5.1 -Input") it is possible to use additional helpers through the output of the preamplifier. Here is the button on the soft clipping (Soft Clipping), which is a symmetrical diode limiter, gently smoothing the input signal in case of overload at peak conditions. To the receiver, you can connect only one stereo pair of front speakers; terminals for all channels - screw. Mode Surround, except Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby 3 Stereo is available and Hall. Switching the selected Preset Tuning can only brute force, increasing or decreasing the numbers of presets.

When working Pro Logic "solo", abrupt sounds are located, for example, is closer to the left speaker, accompanied by a little more than expected, the echo from the right. However, this does not affect the transfer of the object to be played smoothly, with good uniformity within the sound image. The accuracy and detail of the sound with the AC-3 system, of course, better than Dolby Pro Logic, playing here in the tone perfectly balanced against. Some programs (scenes with shooting) have the desire to add a contrast that is easily achieved tone controls. Jobs in stereo pleased audiophile fidelity timbre nuances of female vocals and good intelligibility of votes in choral singing. NAD T750 easily held the mighty bass organ and orchestra. But when the volume of all the instruments of the orchestra was about the same, there is a feeling that the localization begins to lose sharpness. However, the cost to someone "to raise his voice", as his position once loomed with sufficient accuracy. The reception and playback a stereo essential good.

NAD T750 AV-receiver photo