Eltax AVR-280 AV-receiver

The most important quality in the AVR-280 - the price. Hard to believe that this very weighty, despite the low height unit equipped with a tuner, a digital signal processor, and six channels of amplification, which draw power from a substantial toroidal transformer, can be so cheap. What is saved?

Firstly, because of the surround decoders developers feel the need to put only basic: DTS, Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II. Secondly minimized switching functions. By the AVR-280 can be connected to DVD, TV (for SCART) and a pair of AV-sources. Linear and digital outputs not like Stereo headphone jack. Available output to a powered subwoofer and six pairs of spring-loaded terminals for acoustics (an interesting detail: one of them is not for the "Surround", and for a passive subwoofer).

Handle electronic volume control on the front panel is at the same time comfortable and "dial" to adjust, but because of the use of AVR-280 is very simple. You can select the type of speaker levels and delays for the center and surround channels, adjust the level of the subwoofer. Good-looking set of ready-made settings DSP. The tuner supports RDS, as can be memorized in 20 stations. Like nothing had been cheated ...

From the sound AVR-280 not expect miracles, but Danish receiver presents a pleasant surprise. Its sound is open, balanced, and not in the budget detailed. The average range of a little warmer than usual, and the top a little touched up. But it seems that our low-sensitivity speakers he just is not really good. It forces AVR-280 to clip, as shown by a characteristic distortion. Filter frequencies between the subwoofer and the satellites selected high, because of what the dynamics of the upper bass is lost. For such a receiver as the front will approach the big high-sensitivity speakers. After all, for the class play with AVR-280 has all the makings: not hear the slightest patch or ingress interference when playing a stereo recording is formed very clear three-dimensional sound stage.

Eltax AVR-280 AV-receiver photo