JVC RX-F10 AV-receiver

RX-F10 - the model is not new, but still popular. The body of the receiver has the same distinctive profile and finish as your player XV-NP10 (the one that reads both CD and DVD, but also memory cards of different types). Remote control with an abundance of buttons (another fifty hidden under the cover) is not easy to learn, but has advanced features. On the rear panel RX-F10 - six pairs of terminals for speakers, three SCART connector and three digital jacks, a pair of stereo line inputs and additional RCA lead to connect the multi-channel source. It also provides access to the AV-component and a compound of the component and S-Video, - that's the first sign is not "bad" class.

The second feature - support for enhanced surround sound formats: Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES and DTS 96/24. For stereo sources are "surround"-mode by Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS Neo: 6. In addition to them RX-F10 has nine of their own regimes DSP, feature surround for stereo headphones and virtual surround sound. I forgot to mention? A mode of TV-Direct, which is when you turn off the receiver's power switch does not disable it. And, you can clap your hands... so that the machine has deigned to customize the sound fields. This is no joke. Cotton RX-F10 define the remote speakers and automatically processing parameters of the sound.

Among the options is the choice of the cutoff frequency of the subwoofer and five-band equalizer - with the help of such a correction is possible to precisely match the bass and achieve linear sound from even the most capricious of acoustics. Power RX-F10 is also not deprived: six digital amplifier sound, the dynamic pleases with no signs of compression and overload. By the way, for the digicam it sounds surprisingly detailed and gently but typical "evil" coloring at high frequencies is still trapped. But more disappointment another sound: inside the RX-F10 are relays that click (disable audio channel) on every occasion - and by changing the decoding modes, and even in the transition to a new track of the disc.

JVC RX-F10 AV-receiver photo