JVC RX-DP20V AV-receiver

Victor Company of Japan is better known as a manufacturer of our consumers an inexpensive but highly competitive electronics. And for good reason. Yes, this company over the past five years in the lineup completely disappeared purebred Component Hi-Fi, but her experience in the professional and home audio equipment can be envied by many competitors. And you will find confirmation of this in a large heavy box with the inscription "JVC RX-DP20V".

That there is a copper-plated steel chassis - such a "feature" now can not be found even in the art class High End. Effectively works and motorized socket advanced settings on a solid "facade" of the machine. Paid special attention to the analog source: provided RIAA-corrector (MM/MC), a signal from any line-by Analog Direct mode can be sent bypassing DSP (only through the volume control) directly to the power amplifier and the analog multichannel inputs for AV-service components special circuit ZIST, do not let the noise induced videopath.

However, the ability of the processor and the RX-DP20V not weak. With it is processed sound to the acoustics of the listening room and the real frequency correction is performed comfortable three-band parametrics. The absence of the latest variety of decoders Pro Logic - version IIx - also attributed to the shortcomings will not, because the need for it may occur only in the elect, who decided on the configuration of 7.1. In a digital transmission system is used tract K2, developed many years ago JVC engineers for quality recording on CD, as well as advanced inverter filter CC.

Finally, a high class machine and a small icon indicates THX - released about four years ago RX-DP20V meets strict specifications Ultra 2.

Complaints to the sound minimal. The lowest bass perfectly expressed, but slightly dissolved - do not feel that in this area is under strict control. And the highest range sounded a little formal - high detailed, but there is no vision, with the lightest veil, which is often observed even in expensive transistor amplifiers.

Pluses to weightier. This is, firstly, a great speaker playback. Secondly, juicy melodious middle. And not only this - high bass and lower the top RX-DP20V passes with exemplary clarity and tact. Third, the receiver feels the performing articulation without distorting, conveys all the emotions - and it carries the listener.

Like many of the samples in the test, RX-DP20V different plays the same source, but is connected to the different inputs, but in each case, the sound is very musically pleasing accurate three-dimensional scene and all of the above advantages. The only difference is in the nuances. When you connect a digital sound seems a little more energetic and licked, while analog (with Analog Direct) better physicality of auditory spatial imagery.

JVC RX-DP20V AV-receiver photo