Harman/Kardon AVR 7300 AV-receiver

The design of the equipment Harman/Kardon two advantages are obvious: the original, recognizable "face" and excellent ergonomics. However, the appearance of this procedure has become familiar. It feels like in the state of H/K, a company with a worldwide reputation, was the only designer to work. Just try to distinguish the AVR 7300 from any other receiver of the modern line. Unification of corporate identity, probably appeal to those who will purchase an inexpensive technique Harman/Kardon, but how to explain to the buyer with a couple of thousands in your pocket, why the machine for its requirements looks the same?

Perhaps because the design is really successful and change anything does not make sense. Take a look at large and informative display - perhaps the best in its class. Or on a strict set of buttons on the front panel, do not, however, limited management capabilities.

The differences, of course, is - but not external. For example, AVR 7300 is equipped with a smart learning remote, executed with impeccable quality and finish. It, by the way, built-in microphone calibration EzSet, designed for fast and easy set-up the sound level of each channel. Management capabilities expanded bus centralized control A-Bus (in addition to the RS-232, IR inputs and triggers) that assess the severity of installers. Selector no load, but more can be reassigned to the rear of the second zone. Finally, on the front panel of the AVR 7300 are not only AV-inputs, but also full of "ammunition" digital terminals. Regrettable but the absence of HDMI, which would not be superfluous. On the other hand, this disadvantage is balanced by the advantages of classical art H/K - only qualitative elements in both digital and analog, powerful system of power, high-current power amplifiers.

After switching on the AVR 7300 has not presented any nasty surprises. Sound impressive relaxed living dynamics, skillful articulation and organization midrange. The lower band sounds with a model, and sometimes even - with a slightly exaggerated clarity that is beneficial to reproduce instruments with a solid bass chased and not too suitable for drums with a soft, "merges" attack. With character and sound in the upper register. Sopranos played very generous on details, even rather tartly, but without a hint of veil, with a pronounced air and that the most valuable, without coloring the vocal sibilance. The scene is very stable, localization and Separation no complaints. In short, their sound AVR 7300 removes all questions about price and class, when working with a decent source and a set of speakers capable of providing high resolution.

And an advantage receiver we can refer to the same high quality sound and digital and analog multichannel inputs.

Harman/Kardon AVR 7300 AV-receiver photo