Rotel RSX-1056 AV-receiver

Let us start with the main thing: in the presence of all modern seven-channel decoders of surround there are only five power amplifiers in RSX-1056. At first glance the concept is not logical. However, how many "theatre lovers" install in their house the system with additional rear speakers? That's the thing that few of hundreds. Neutralizing two "unnecessary" channels, the device can be made cheaper without skimping on element base and, therefore, quality of sound. You can extend the configuration to 7.2 or even 8.2 (with additional subwoofer and center) at any moment by connecting additional power amplifiers, for which there are corresponding outputs in RSX-1056. In addition to them, also there are outputs for additional areas (surely, with all necessary triggers and buses of central control).

The fact that the intellect of RSX-1056 prevails over muscles is visible also by specifications stated. At relatively low output power the receiver has a decent range of options for work with different sources. Personal settings are provided for each input. The presence of mp3 and HD-CD decoders will change DVD-player of even not very high quality to quite functional musical source. Proper convert modes of two channels into several are also not without interest.

Now let's speak about the cons. RSX-1056 is not prepared for work with HDMI interface. In addition, the developers considered that the owner of this device will need neither jacks of AV devices from the front panel nor stereo headphones - for the first time we met the receiver without output for headphones.

If you listen to RSX-1056 with high-sensitive speaker systems, you will find the sound dynamical enough. RSX-1056 plays music amazingly deeply and delicately. At the connection through analog input the device releases a lot of musical information in lower case, nobly transfers the entire mid-frequency band without simplifications and sounds the top freely, without aggression. The space is three-dimensional and endless, especially at the playing of multi-channel programs. Activation through digital input removes doubtful "sweet things" and adds joyful notes: discants sound more intensively, sound stage becomes more stable. Yeah, and we have concerns that with the system, which doesn't have high sound resolution, the device can seem to be flabby or even weak by sound, but this is already not its problem, isn't it?

Rotel RSX-1056 AV-receiver photo