Kenwood KRF-V8030D AV-receiver

To design the receiver Kenwood had a hand fan of absolute symmetry, although by the end he put this idea and failed. Receiver absolutely theater, and a relatively small number of modes should not be confused: is traditional for the company in all modes can be adjusted (dimensions of the room, the quality of the walls, etc.) Note two brand raisin. In the movie there are two possibilities of sound processing: Cinema for the movie itself with a steep plot and Music for live concerts. Also known Circle Surround processing for this receiver is not presented in a three-channel version, and in the application to the signal of 5.1.

Listening test is conducted as if in two stages: after pre-set parameters (Set Up) soundstage is first checked for significant deviations; then - the transfer of subtle nuances. The first part of Kenwood was once: the volume of open space, the city, the street is not limited to the arrangement of the speakers. No sound is concentrated in the central radiator. Especially good are transmitted smooth movement along the front; reliable - fragments where the binding is important to the image of a moving object (such as a person speaking and the rustle of clothing when walking). Kenwood without empirical selection of the parameters given the coveted fusion image. In addition, there is rather weak dependence of the apparent depth of the front space of the setting of the distance to the center speaker. However, careful listening was to identify and "flip side" of its simple setup: some experts noted slight blurring of fine audio components. For example, the quiet sound of a bunch of keys was not sharp, and although it did not stop to determine the general direction of the sound source localization markedly decreased. Work in the screen plane responds small echo back so the rear channels were reduced initially exhibited levels. When you finish the final design and the distance to the rear speakers had to install a little more real. Paradoxically, after this adjustment, the "center" seemed to be slightly lowered vertically, which proved very useful (it was installed on the TV). Moreover, while slightly increased total contrast of the picture. Like a small detail: the adjustable parameter is "in touch" as long as it does not shut off, so in the process of setting no need constantly to "flip" the menu, especially for the central and maybe for the front channels. Kenwood load and inexpensive acoustics (preferably with a smooth impedance), but that did not show up artifacts defocus, it is necessary to couple the front is sure to add tone "home" center speaker.

Kenwood KRF-V8030D AV-receiver photo