JVC RX-7000R AV-receiver

As usual, the initial (Set Up) Position acted only as a primer or an invitation to a more accurate finishing. The test tone familiar "center" initially sounded noticeably softer front pair. It should be noted that one of the models of the company in this case was provided for tonal adjustment "center"; here is not an option. We will look for other ways. The first thing that comes to mind - to play the level. Solution "head" worked half as it took a couple of thousandths of a second to reduce the delay from the "front". Conversations become more transparent and legible. Quite often, sound engineers, relying on increased uptake of high frequencies in the cinema halls, deliberately turn up their level, making home theater (where such absorption is not) from their abundance comes quickly fatigue. Receiver, like rounded sound confident forms "his" image, chamfer with the most sharp edges. Natural softness JVC enables you to watch these movies even without touching the tone controls. However, these movies (usually - "action") abound episodes scenes occupying both visually and by the sound of a very large space. Here, the ability of the amplifier to transmit their scale, maybe even a little exaggerated, accompanies the plan writer. It should be noted that the formation of the space receiver JVC RX-7000R forgives Adjuster certain distortions. We can say that here expanded tolerances settings that does not lead to damage of perception, but definitely makes it easier to fine-tuning of the finer points. In our view, it is sufficient to test for fragments of scenes indoors. For example, we adjust the delay, in particular, held at the scene when the hero is walking in the room, said, put the cup on the saucer... The spectra of these sounds have significant differences, and with unmatched delays they are on different planes. For example, the voice - close to the plane of the screen, and the rustle of clothing speaker - a prominent removal, somewhere inside. Received here an acceptable result, we initially bothered: does it on other stages, first of all, in the open air? However, from JVC, due to its ability to above, the transfer of space functioned quite harmoniously. However, marked by uncritical hardly inspire true audiophiles.

JVC RX-7000R AV-receiver photo