Denon AVR-1800 AV-receiver

The receiver Denon AVR-1800 feel the power and class, which are perceived as a given, with obvious satisfaction. The receiver applied to analog converter and capable of processing a signal of 24 bits/96 kHz. Sly freaks console with its own LCD display, replacing the set of on-screen menus are overcome, but after some communication. The receiver is equipped with a system that stores the state before the last shutdown, and after the returns all settings, including input, surround mode, its parameters, etc.

The process of fine-tuning the sound parameters "theater" is similar to the work of the tuner of musical instruments. Need a hearing, sense of proportion and patience. Otherwise, the process of training can become an end in itself. However at the first turn on Denon AVR-1800 and after setting up on a test tone showed less harmonious combination with the amount of detail of the stage space, we looked at each other further correction, it seems, is not for him. Even the front sound field, supported by careful work the back channels, creates a wonderful foundation for the smooth movement of the virtual objects in almost all directions. The transition from the confined space to a large volume occurs quite confident. The center channel sound is not attracted to him, so that at all stages there is freedom of space. "Cinema Reality" passed easily as breathing, and what is happening on the screen at once involves the plot. What is particularly nice - bulk space did not degrade the sound mikrodetalnosti. Apparently, that's the main charm lies Denon: the combination of the infinitude of space with a clear contoured small sound images. For a while we played with the settings, and it became clear that the preliminary settings fully comply with actual measurements. Despite the fact that the optimum really emphasized, strong machine criticality to spread with no parameters. Deviations within certain limits can only affect the number of VIP-seats in the home theater.

Of the DSP modes, you can select Mono Movie, in which the input surround effects even on the simplest of Phonograms ensure the generation of the sound space while maintaining a high-definition front localization. This mode is similar to another - 5-Channel Stereo. This unit is for connoisseurs of multi-channel audio from a home theater, speakers, and so should be of high quality. Let - not very deep voice (in this respect there is stock), but certainly having a flat frequency response and low harmonic distortion.

Denon AVR-1800 AV-receiver photo