Kenwood KRF-V6050D AV-receiver

The layout of the front of the receiver Kenwood has passed the test of time. Pushbutton selection of modes and universal control a pair of large multifunctional buttons labeled MULTICONTROL and performing a role similar to cursor control, tested by as early as the previous generation. External difference from the previous model KRF-V6030, comes down to having a set of front AV-connectors with support for S-video. The same support is provided for the video in full screen on the rear panel. And about two design features worth mentioning. Firstly, optical digital input made without plugs and close the safety shutter. And secondly, for the sleep mode uses a separate low-power mains transformer that allows you to get a very low power consumption (less than 2W) in this mode.

The receiver uses a built-in 24-bit DAC firm Crystel, allowing playback in stereo linear PCM with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz. The receiver is well prepared for the reception and transmission of video: support for S-video even has a front group AV-inputs. The receiver covers the entire range of analog sources: from the cartridge to the six-channel line input from an external decoder. For the analog inputs provided SOURCE DIRECT mode with the exception of any signal processing. Much attention is paid to the quality of the analog signal. If you exceed the level indicator lights CLIP and sensitivity can be adjusted within a small range (0, -3 and -6 dB). Set value then memorized for each input separately.

Receiver with its extraordinary power involves connecting two pairs of front speakers. One has to be music and connect to the terminals, as well as the center channel speaker. This company emphasizes the importance of the unity of the front trio to transfer soundtracks. Well, the rear theater additives and the second set of front speakers satisfied dial rotary clips.

Job embedded digital audio decoder with automatic selection of formats is very smooth, almost excluding own supplements to the idea of a sound engineer. Just like its predecessor, is successful and simple Dolby Pro Logic. For all five simulated DSP-surround modes convenient control is available from the remote control. Full training in theater mode supports multi-brand universal remote control, which, apart from the native hardware brand, allows you to control more TVs, DVD-players, and VCRs several dozen firms.

European orientation tuner underlined by the presence of the device to store up to 40 FM-stations, but only transmit signals RDS.

Kenwood KRF-V6050D AV-receiver photo