Lexicon RV-8 AV-receiver

This American receiver on the front panel is milled coarsely sign Lexicon (brand, by the way, respected in the world of professional audio), will train you to be patient, attentive and diligent. After switching on the blue screen for about ten seconds hanging greeting, then appear the version information of the loader, and then displays the results of the self-test. If the process was without deviation - can use.

But do not think that everything will turn out right. For all clarity, the front panel (though not scare you the number of buttons) and even with a lot of experience in complex switching equipment will need at least half an hour to first deal with the programmable remote control (nice, by the way, the device - a display, lights, buttons are large), and then - in which the menu item should change the default setting, set the inputs, set the parameters of an acoustic kit, etc. I'll take my hat off to those who start and configure the RV-8 and never at the same time not look into a thick manual. Is not to say that the American is very complicated to set up. Just not - lexicon's "matrix" menu designed and flexible, just not so arranged as in other domestic receivers.

An important feature of the functional RV-8 is independent switching any source into three separate zones. For analog connections from the unit are 8 line inputs and 5 pairs of outputs. The latter can be reassigned in accordance with the "zonal" needs: print, for example, one or two multi-channel (5.1), sacrificing in the second case the number of stereo outputs. This is the first convenience. More pleased that all the other inputs (digital - that's four coaxial and four optical, video - five composite, five S-Video and three component Y/Pb/Pr) are appointed and renamed, at its discretion, a predetermined decoding modes, and all other characteristics. Third - although not easy to, but simply a valuable quality - borrowed from the broadcast switcher technology, which does not limit the band even signal HD.

Having dealt with the selector, proceed to configure multi-channel audio. Possibilities here are standard: type systems, the removal (from 0 to 12 meters) level. I liked that the filters for the LFE channel and satellites, working with a slope of 24 dB/oct., And independently adjustable in increments of only 10 Hz (in the range from 30 to 120 Hz). You can activate or loudness limiter for low-frequency channel to avoid possible overload, use separate regulations LF/HF or to angle the response (in this simple setting sometimes more useful) to adjust the sound field in the listening position, if it is offset with respect to the real acoustic center.

For all of these processing Lexicon corresponds to a pair of 32-bit processors with a scary name Hammerhead. In this case, the decoding function is assigned to a third additional DSP. However, there are bypass mode (without CPU intervention) - for vinyl turntables and analog input for 5.1, which is connected to the high SA-CD or DVD-Audio player.

What is remarkable audio path? DAC 192 kHz/24-bit ADC and 96 kHz/24-bit has the functions of reflection and correction of jitter. Channel capacity - seven. Consumed by the difference and the output power can be assumed that power amplifier not work in some economical, and in a much more favorable to enhance the sound mode. High data differs built AM/FM-tuner. Expanded the list of decoders proprietary system Logic7, capable to lay stereo seven spatial channels and vice versa, mixdown for headphones. It is rather curious decoder - interferes with the signal is not so unceremoniously, as the same Pro Logic II and Neo: 6, and the sound for stereo headphones are processed in accordance with the "head-related transfer function" HRTF (learn more about it you can test out the headphones).

A few words about the upgrade. Probably, in the future, the new firmware, in RV-8 may be other decoders. And by the way, not only are they. On the rear panel is a stub, to the place where you can put, for example, sockets for switched digital video.

Talking about the sound, I have to make a reservation: to the "Lexicon" should be selected well-coordinated set of acoustic class not lower himself. Huge potential audiophile he felt and with our colorful Anglo-French test kit, but the possibility of fine-tuning is still not so broad as to make different-sized speakers sound as a whole. The reproduced sound takes the soul deep, spatial and restrained. There is a force, but there are also cycle, which is necessary for the finest sound canvas.

Lexicon RV-8 AV-receiver photo