AV-receiver NAD T757 v2

Model NAD T757 is present in the market for a long time and worked well. But this does not mean that it is obsolete. Technology, denoted by developers as "the most important function" lets you upgrade the device by the upgrade after purchase. Due to the modular circuit breaker remains relevant considerably longer than their competitors. Naturally, required presently improvements made in advance at the factory. Before us is the second version of the receiver, has all the necessary today.

First of all it should be noted ports HDMI version 1.3a that supports Audio Return Channel and 3D-video, but it is not compatible with 4K. If the display does not have the capacity UltraHD and his replacement is not necessary in the nearest future, it is not a problem. HDMI inputs are four (all on the rear panel), one way out. For a basic set of sources in a home theater is enough. The remaining inputs are presented in sufficient quantities and wide range, except for the network connectors or adapters; it is assumed that for connecting gadgets and networking will be used specialized devices.

NAD T757 supports the latest formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. Post-processing of the signal is minimal. Engineers NAD reasonably believes that all the necessary to track the effects of film sound engineer registered in advance and make an additional echo or any overtones unlikely to add something useful for its proper perception. However, in order to make stereo, surround sound effect is the mode of EARS, distributing sound to all the speakers with a significant expansion of space and panorama.

No less reverent attitude showed developers and to the video signal. Done to make from source to display it came in its original form, without outside interference. Accordingly, the video processor as unnecessary abolished. If serves as a source of a really good player (and put in a rather expensive receiver budget player basically impractical), this approach can only be welcomed.

The unit is subject to all the principle of "music in the first place", and that can at least theoretically detract from the enjoyment of it, is minimized. So, the menu decorated modestly, without icons, pictures and tips, but provide an easy access to all of the few features of the phone. Responsible for the auto-calibration popular system Audyssey.

The sound system is running NAD T757 v2 sufficiently vivid and natural. One could describe it as "analog", unless you know the true nature of modern tracks movies. Due to multiple computer processing of familiar sounds at times become too contrast and sharp, that is clearly noticeable in a number of devices. Here artificial drama a little muffled, but at the same time there is a naturalness and comfort. Someone will like it, some do not, but try to match supply to the taste certainly interesting, it deserves a visit to your nearest showroom.

NAD T757 v2 AV-receiver photo