AV-receiver Cambridge Audio Azur 651R

The producers of electronics and mass of small-scale Hi-Fi approach to the creation of receivers varies greatly. First in a hurry to implement the maximum functions, more software audio processing, network protocols, colors in the graphics menu, inputs and outputs, analog part is designed as a residual, and in many cases with increased attention to reducing energy consumption and harm components for disposal. The second, by contrast, regard as of paramount quality of the ingredients, and all kinds of digital bells and whistles consider it a matter of secondary importance. As a result, the user can select according to their own ideas about whose position is correct.

Cambridge Audio Azur 651R on the background of some competitors may seem like an ascetic. Four HDMI inputs do not imply the organization on the basis of his extensive entertainment system with a full range of video game consoles, but the two outputs can simultaneously connect to a TV and a projector. Video and audio inputs of other types are present in excessive amounts, are not forgotten even S-Video. Network functions in the model are missing - presumably, the developers felt that for this promising use a dedicated source. On the facade of no ports HDMI, or USB, connect the gadget or video camera fail.

Power at work with the acoustics are rated at 8 ohms declared at 140 watts and 100 watts stereo at work all seven channels. To cool the amplifier in a fairly compact package with a fan, due to the large size and slow rotation of the effective and virtually inaudible. Outputs logistics center can be used for bi-amping the front pair of speakers or the organization of the second zone in a two-room installation. There is a 7.2 analog output, that is allowed to connect two subwoofers. Integration tools are well developed, there are the RS-232, IR ports numerous bus and triggers 12 V.

Auto-tune manages time-tested system Audyssey 2EQ. Built-in scaler capable of lifting resolution source material to Full HD, with the opportunity to use it on or off independently for each input HDMI. Version of the interface - 1.4, respectively, supported Audio Return Channel, 3D, and Deep Color.

Assembled apparatus of high-quality components, including a powerful toroidal transformer and digital to analog converters Cirrus Logic. The front speakers work DAC CS43122, the same as in a number of audiophile models. In short, the receiver designed to meet the increased demands for musicality. According to the results of listening can be said that he and they really fit. Correct frequency balance and make a wide range of sound rich and full-blooded. Palpable relief images - a rare feature for AV-devices. Excess DSP obviously not, on the one hand, increases the accuracy of the other, several clamps spatial effect when compared with competitors. In short, Cambridge Audio Azur 651R - the best choice for those who are in the repertoire of his system in the first place puts the music and for each media format (network player, wireless receiver, internet radio) prefer to have a separate component.

Cambridge Audio Azur 651R AV-receiver photo