Elac BS 192 Bookshelf speakers

German ELAC BS 192 monitors immediately attract attention by the branded design. The body with a relatively small volume is raised above the platform and simultaneously performs the role of diffuser for radiation of bass-reflex port, turned down. This distinctive solution allowed to get from a relatively small 135-mm head convincing by depth basses. The construction is also interesting - the diffuser is made by the principle of sandwich, in which a thin reinforcing layer of aluminum foil is applied on cellulose base. In the result the diagram with a minimal weight obtains a high resistance to bending distortions and this significantly expands a linear part of the work. The tweeter is the famous ribbon JET of the third generation. In this version the tweeter is able to work effectively up to 50 kHz and due to this nonlinear distortions are decreased in the audible area.

During the listening ELAC BS 192 presented few surprises. First, very powerful overall dynamics and accurate but a bit relaxed in the very bottom bass surprised. Thanks to the work of a unique branded tweeter perfect order reigns at high frequencies. Together with very high resolution this gives a true sense of presence at the place of music event. This register is perfectly balanced by level and at the same time shows all the advantages of ribbon emitter. Sometimes it seems that you can hear everything - from elusory wind to sharp sonorous splash caused by master stroke of the drummer. Sound stage is adjusted to the max.

Elac BS 192 Bookshelf speakers photo