Dynaudio Confidence C1 Platinum Bookshelf speakers

Confidence 1 Platinum can be considered to be a spectacular example of how technical feasibility dictates terms to the designers. The body is made in very unusual proportions: it is very narrow, high and deep. This is made to increase rigidity and resistance to vibrations at the increased volume level. The speakers are installed on the massive figured plate, overlapping the side wall. Its form and geography are carefully calculated to minimize reflections and get optimal polar pattern. The plate in turn is mounted to the body through vibration damping layer made of MDF. And note an unusual placement of heads: woofer is at the top, above the tweeter. Thus the axis of radiation passes at ear level of a sited listener and bass is maximally removed from floor that reduces the possibility of frequency gaps, appearing because of interaction of direct and reflected waves. This branded principle of controlled dispersion has been called DDC - Dynaudio Directivity Control. According to the manufacturers, DDC reduces on 75% the influence of acoustic characteristics of a room on the system's sound.

Like in all Dynaudio systems, own-designed drivers are used in Confidence 1. These are elite 165-mm midranges with the magnetic system, directed inside, with the diffuser made of branded MSP (magnesium-silicate polymer) composite and ultralight aluminum sound coils on rigid heat resistant kapton frames. Tweeters in Platinum are updated - Esotar2 with neodymium magnets and 28-mm fabric dome, which, in the opinion of many specialists, still stay unequalled in its class. The tweeters are mounted on a heavy aluminum plate, which reduces distortions and forms necessary dispersion. The dome is protected from possible damages by a steel rim, and, in addition, the front panel is closed by cloth grill.

The large bass-reflex port is put to the back. The bands are divided on 1800 Hz by the simplest filters with minimal loses and distortions.

The monitors warmed up for few days before demonstration - this is the essential condition for all Dynaudio systems. And even after this the sound slightly changes during the listening; it seems to be a bit more comfortable in the end. But, maybe, it is just a gradual adaptation of the hearing.

I have already mentioned that Dynaudio systems, especially top models, differ by a rare combination of professional accuracy and musicality. In our case this feature appeared at once. The sound was free, informative, with a smooth spectrum balance; general picture was full of the smallest details and hints that gave it a special charm. You listened to music with pleasure.

Speaking about more specific things, I will note very interesting bass - not too deep but quite distinct and pleasant to ear. Double-bass, especially in chamber recordings, is just like real, except a little smaller in size. As the volume increases the character of Confidence 1 Platinum doesn't change and only at the extreme volume the attack's sharpness slightly loses. There is the feeling that it's impossible to overload these monitors.

The second point is that almost all modern speaker system has lift of characteristics at high frequencies. But in Dynaudio there always was a smooth rolloff after 18 kHz that gave grounds to the lovers of sonorous top to complain about too analytic, "studio" sound. Well, subjectively C1 Platinum are absolutely linear up to the highest border of audibility and even in the acoustically featured room a lack of tops wasn't felt.

Dynaudio Confidence C1 Platinum Bookshelf speakers photo