AV-receiver Lexicon RV-5

At first glance, this solid and businesslike a fitted receiver is easily mistaken for the receiver RV-8 class High End, worth several times more expensive. The differences, of course, there is, but not everyone should be considered a compromise. Instead of three premises unit can announce two, but it is equipped with interface HDMI, however, only a pair of input and output, which by today's standards, it should be considered the minimum configuration, hardly able to inspire the owner of the "plasma" and a video projector.

The rest of the switching capacity to meet the needs of the day: in addition to the eight digital audio inputs (four S/PDIF and Toslink), three inputs and component video output, RS-232 interface and a pair of inputs 12V trigger ports are available for connecting USB-devices and proprietary dock-station and measurement microphone jack auto calibration system. Seven channels of amplification will allow to organize a home theater 7.1 channel amplifiers or send Surround Back (Lexicon engineers called them Rear L/R) on the scoring of the second zone. If necessary, the receiver can be installed in a closed rack, and run it through an external IR receiver.

Range of options to satisfy the owner not only DVD-, but also Blu-ray-player. Decoders Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD not available, but the receiver understands the multi-channel PCM, and translate the streaming HD-audio in this format is capable of any BD-player. Of course, it is possible and an alternative way to connect via analog multichannel input. Movie Converter can bring resolution DVDsignala to 1080i (not ideal, but for most video receiver is more than enough). Much more important is the fact that in the video provides a variety of systems to improve the quality of the picture. Among them - the noise reduction, including the comb filter to eliminate crosstalk in the luminance and chrominance channels. It is also possible to adjust the picture by picture type (24, 25 or 30 frames/s), adjust brightness, contrast, color and natural-looking color.

Receiver Lexicon RV-5 is designed for the experienced user: just do not understand the neophyte in the wisdom of the control with the remote control with a pressure screen. The sound is excellent in the machine - it perfectly balanced deep bass, natural mid-and crystal-clear top.

Universal remote control with a pressure screen. It seems to be an ideal option, but in fact a device that is very difficult to "tame" as complicated algorithms.

Audiophile could chide response because it ends abruptly at 20 kHz, but we will not do this: The unit is primarily intended to reproduce soundtracks, and their frequency range is limited from above by the same 20 kHz. Much more important is that the nameplate 85 W receiver outputs and multi-channel operation. Onboard decoders work well in spite of the fairly large spread, the absolute level of channel separation is very high. Superb organized input 5.1 which in this case is very important.

Lexicon RV-5 AV-receiver photo