AV-receiver Harman/Kardon AVR 760

To characterize the shape of the model is best in two words - true to the tradition. No conservatism in this: more than a modern design, it just made virtually all AV-components company. Rounded vertical faces of the facade, with a blue ring volume control, plus a daring combination of black and silver-gray long striking to behold. The lower half of the door is a decorative plate that hides access to the organs of the switching zone settings, where there will be Socket USB, AV-input switching composite and S-video-signal, as well as headphone and microphone jack measuring system auto-calibration. Moreover, there are both coaxial and optical digital audio inputs, which can be useful for the owners of a number of notebooks. The rear panel is equipped with the same, as they say, to the eyeballs. Here you'll find four HDMI-input and a full set of analog communications. In addition, there is a firmware control bus A-Bus, RS-232 and Network to connect to the local network, as well as nest Bridge II came with a docking station for iPod and a plurality of control inputs/outputs (12 V trigger for IR repeaters). Surround Back amplifiers can be sent to scoring the second zone. It is noteworthy that the receiver allows you to connect two subwoofers (an important condition for improving the stability of the bass in high quality home theater system).

The rear wall of the receiver assembly is almost completely occupied. Among them there AV-interface of any type, including two subwoofer outputs.

Feature set can be considered conservative, but has everything you need (primarily Decoders Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD), and by the absence of a plurality of DSP-mode vast majority of consumers will not miss. Moreover, some of the options available, in fact, redundant - in particular, the scaler up to 1080p or switching of S-Video and component video. Of course, all inputs - assignable. Especially for audiophiles provided "clean" mode, which disables idle circuit. Simplifies installation GUI and proprietary auto-calibration system.

Much attention is paid to ergonomics. A flip-down door on the front of the ring is located very convenient to work with the menu. The main remote control - one of the best, how ever was completed AV-receiver. He is versatile, able to manage eleven devices. You can customize it by encoding, and a list of codes written into the memory of the receiver (in the menu there is an option Program Device), or use the learning function. In short, no matter how disparate or was your AV-system, the remote can control all of its components. Work zones are clearly delineated, a small LCD display indicates the name of the managed device is light, but without the names of the keys are easy to read even in the twilight. And for the second zone, an additional console with limited features. Move on to the main point - the recommendations. Receiver Harman/Kardon AVR 760 is able to satisfy the most diverse needs. You want to connect the receiver to your computer and get the music files in the form of a digital stream, in order to exclude the influence of primitive computer DAC? No problem; moreover, 760 minutes can receive Internet radio stations. There is a desire to fit it into a multi-room control system? Please; receiver, even in a closed rack can be placed and controlled via an external IR receiver. And the sound? It does not leave anyone indifferent, especially when dealing with multi-channel soundtracks: the accuracy of localization, depth of bass and the ability to accurately convey the scale effects blockbuster. Bid engineers on classic analog amplifiers are completely justified.

Frequency response of the amplifier channel is close to the model: digital tone controls provide the ideal symmetric result (± 10 dB), and weaken or strengthen more than one frequency, as is usually the case, and the entire range, which is responsible for the regulation. The measured power is much higher than stated, so 75 watts per channel receiver will issue in multi-channel mode. Staff DAC for PCM works directly although the spectrum of the resulting analog signal is no trace of the harmonic response is a decline on the low and very significant (0.3 dB), the rise to the top. Built-in decoders raises no objections, and the characteristics of the input 7.1 only as great, not name.

Harman/Kardon AVR 760 AV-receiver photo