Phono preamp Audio Note M2 RIAA

The first mention of this model, refer to the 80 years of the last century. This is a classic vacuum tube design with no feedback, passive correction rectifiers and power. The entire audio path built just a pair of double triodes in half for each channel. The input signal is amplified by a lamp ECC83 (or its analogue 12AX7), after it is enabled correction circuit RIAA, and the output is worth ECC88 (6DJ8) with the anode load. Cathode followers Peter Kvortrup does not recognize, as they present the local operating system. This causes a fairly high output impedance corrector about 5 ohms, which in turn may require careful selection of the interconnect. All interstage capacitors - branded Audio Note, ie paper/oil in a copper casing.

The power supply after the rectifier (octal rectifier 6X5) and the throttle has a stabilizer triode/pentode ECL82. Food Incandescent also stabilized - to get rid of the background. Corrector could be collected in the case of smaller volume, but then would not be able to spread the signal path and power supply at a distance, eliminating harmful interference.

The connection only heads MM type, which is also part of the ideology Audio Note. Kvortrup believes that amplify the signal from the moving coil should be exclusively through step-up transformers, which his company also produces a sufficient range. Accordingly, the input jacks only two, but the weekend - four, and all of them are branded, silver-plated AN-CS.

The cables to the amplifier, really had to choose. The most neutral in our system have been Musical Wire Cadence Signature RCA, with them and listened.

Audible Audio Note's handwriting immediately recognizable. Checker is focusing the listener on some individual nuances and creates an unusually coherent and harmonious picture. And as soon as you notice the complete absence of synthetic and mechanistic sound, it seems to be absolutely open and relaxed. It is not quite devoid of powerful energy and speed, which for me was a surprise to some. Always believed that transistors with high internal resistance - and such is the ECC83 - make a sound overly tube, ie without the "meat" and a weakened dynamics. M2, may not be the best choice for the club DJ, but most of the really musical genres he regains absolutely adequate. And most importantly, that the corrector passes it to music, and not a set of sounds. And only very little cause for criticism - tinted middle, which is why sometimes vocal timbre dominates the overall picture. However, lovers of opera, which include himself Kvortrup is likely that quality will like.

Audio Note M2 RIAA Phono preamp photo