CD-player Denon DCD-SA1

Denon player next-generation successor to the reference DCD-S1 of 1994, already one weight to expectations. Solid machine, do not say anything. Four-chassis construction, heavy steel isolators, double damped inside the enclosure - machine looks even more serious than its predecessor. Well, is not that the new mechanism, specifically designed for the Japanese DCD-SA1, it seems not so exclusive, although certainly has outstanding features - even in this there is no doubt.

The device addressed adherents of classical Stereophonic - multichannel SA-CD on it, alas, do not listen (though the disks on which recorded only multi-ch, I have not met). The power supply system has three separate sections. At the output of the digital path - a couple of DAC Burr-Brown PCM1792, causing (personally for me) the most confidence. Even all the other electronic components, as stated in the description, selected to the tastes of European audiophiles.

But the highlight of DCD-SA1, of course, an improved ALPHA-processor (based on a powerful 32-bit DSP SHARC), which effectively eliminates the inherent flaws impulse of code modulation. You ask, but where do PCM, when it comes, above all, about playing DSD? Denon engineers have foreseen these questions and prudently set mode selector DSP. It allows you to compare the sound of pristine single-bit processing flow SA-CD signal so that the front of ALPHA-filtration and converted into analogue was deliberately converted to PCM 192 kHz/24-bit.

By the sound fit the same definitions as to the exterior: thorough, meaningful, not missed any detail. At first it seems that the unit sounds cold, over-emphasizes the nuances and even diminish the value of the core content, its tonal color and imagery. But that feeling passes quickly. Bland and analytic sound DCD-SA1 certainly can not be called. Demonstrates exemplary bass player laundered middle and natural trebles. The soundstage becomes quite compact, but also gives the impression of holography.

And what effect the inclusion of PCM Convert? Ambiguous. On disks with pure DSD [1, 2, 3, 4] sound comes over, loses neutrality. But the programs recorded to transfer to SA-CD in PCM [5], ALPHA-makeup is clearly for the benefit of: the tip of getting rid of digital backwardness, voices sound richer and more natural. Given that the vast majority of performers are still written to the PCM, the availability of such treatment in the player is welcome.

Denon DCD-SA1 CD-player photo