Boston Acoustics Bravo 20 On-wall speakers

Here is almost ideal example of multi-purpose speaker system, providing different variants of installation in a room. Using the supplied Boston Acoustics Bravo 20 fasteners, they can be mounted not only on the front wall, but also in the corner of a room or even on the ceiling.

The bodies are made of transparent plastic and the front panel with drivers is covered by perforated grill made of metal.

Acoustic design of Bravo 20 is bass-reflex that permitted to slightly extend the frequency response down. There are the branded Boston solutions in the design, particularly an inch tweeter with aluminum dome (AMD patented technology), characterized by more natural transfer of the upper range. The model is produced in black and white colors, so you choose the appropriate variant under a specific interior.

Genre versatility should be noted as the positive feature of Boston Acoustics Bravo 20. The sound of speaker systems differs by clarity and openness in any material, but is limited in lower part of frequency range and overall dynamics. However, if you add subwoofer, you will get a perfect 2.1 system, in which satellites can be absolutely unnoticeable by ear. These compact speaker systems create such a volumetric sound field that its own location in them is only guessed.

Boston Acoustics Bravo 20 On-wall speakers photo