Amplifier Denon PMA-2000AE

Based on the index, although this model is just a notch PMA-1500AE, but if you focus on the dimensions and weights are new items, no doubt remains that the "two-thousand" - this is another step up. Extremely solid and heavy machine! And if you take into account the structural features, the quality of its implementation and application of electronic components, the PMA-2000AE start generally see a direct descendant class amplifiers Denon High End Series S. produces about ten years ago, a very similar model called the PMA-S10. Until now, among other Japanese amps at this price equal to it in sight.

In PMA-2000AE power amplifier used in field effect transistors new generation of high-current UHC-MOSFET. The description also mentions single-ended circuitry, but it apparently is only for pre-amplifier stage and Driver, as terms of heat can not be said that the PMA-2000AE operates in class A (single-ended stage differently does not know how). The basis of the system power up electrolytic capacitors with improved properties and three transformer (optional used to power the microprocessor relay servo selector and volume control). The space inside the amplifier is divided into six sections, and the chassis made multilayer copper-plated, and the casing has vibration elements. In PMA-2000AE timbre with bypass function adjustments, but the signal path can be minimized by applying the Direct-input for direct connection to the source. The presence of the power amplifier input and output with the previous unit allows you to integrate into more complex or multi-channel audio system. There is still a convenient selector recording and built in phono stage. As you can see, and functionally, and superficially PMA-2000AE - just beautiful. And as is the case with the sound?

Japanese sound amplifier wins amazing linearity down to very low frequencies (bass saturated, but perfectly damped), expressive attack and cleanliness middle. Playing transparent sound picture is not oversaturated with distractions and therefore very musical. "Japanese" sounds almost as accurate and neutral, as described above in this review, the French unit, but has a much more fiery temperament. He copes with any music genre orientation. It sounds heavy or incendiary modern rock, he is able to bring the playfulness of jazz improvisation, show the most subtle nuances of performing virtuoso, puts soul in the vocals. In other words, once this Denon has to audition. However, I will not idealize the PMA-2000AE. Minor flaws it still available. Uppercase if the unit to listen for long periods, it begins to seem a bit synthetical. Slightly flattened soundstage depth - foregrounds pushed, back closer. Localization is very sharp, as if hearing "sees" even the contours of singers and instruments, but the compressed separation gives a flat view of all images. And phono-corrector left mixed emotions - like the sound of a thoroughbred, analog feel, but the sound is slightly zamylen. Of course, this amp deserves attention. Especially with that pick speakers scene even deeper and more neutral reproduction of HF than editorial standards Monitor Audio, nowadays no longer a problem.

Denon PMA-2000AE Amplifier photo