DLS Flatbox Large On-wall speakers

DLS Flatbox Large are compact wall speaker systems with graceful black or white lacquer finish. They can be put in front, rear or the center in home theatre. Or you can successfully use them for stereo system too - Flatbox Large will efficiently sound an additional area.

Two grills at choice are attached to each speaker system - either for contrast design or monochromatic. Structurally DLS Flatbox Large is mini monitor with traditional bass-reflex body made of MDF, but it is more flat. On the faceplate there are one by one tweeter with 28-mm silk dome and two pairs of mid-range speakers. Despite of small caliber, the speakers produce a very serious impression - the diffusers are made of long-fibred cellulose, have a rubber suspension and textile central caps with impregnation.

The Swedish system makes a strong impression by sound. And you won't think that such compact speakers with small drivers are able to play such a linear and rich sound with very decent level of bass. We can note only small resonances in the area of 120-140 Hz. Middle register is very detailed that is especially nice, and musically balanced. The upper band is played transparently, with high tonal intelligibility, without dry shades. Speakers are characterized by good overloading capacity. Distortions are completely invisible at medium and increased volume level. Distortions, caused by limitation of diffusers' speed, are felt only closer to maximal levels. Precise focus in the sound stage is also among the advantages.

DLS Flatbox Large On-wall speakers photo