Jamo Sub 800 Subwoofer

"Eight" presents in the name of this sub, but the head's caliber is 6.5 inches (17 cm) and by external signs it is similar to Cambridge Audio MINX X200. It has the same dynamics-"saucers" made of aluminum and elastic suspensions, the same tri-way system of heads' location and "passive radiator", lacquered finish and analog fabric grill on the faceplate. But sizes and weight are other and the built-in amplifier is more powerful. This is a hybrid BASH amplifier.

Stereo pair of low-level inputs is added by the connector for wireless module. Phase can be smoothly regulated from 0 to 360 degrees, not to 180.

That sub is good, which is not vivid. Basses are heard, but their source can't be determined - the sub stands and is if keeps silent. Well, Jamo bass machine is like that. Their support rarely naturally fits the main sound picture. Yeah, the attack is significantly mitigated in this device, and overhangs are a bit flabby that will unlikely adorn the music system's playing, but it can create a serious sound pressure. And even at the limits of its dynamical possibilities it doesn't bring side-tones or distortions in sound. This is a perfect compact-bass for home theatre.

Jamo Sub 800 Subwoofer photo