Speaker pair Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20

Would you say that these models are manufactured without change for almost six years? While many of the speakers sought to decentralize development and production, Monitor Audio has taken the most cost-plus ways - completely abandoning the OEM parts, began to design and manufacture all of their own, including housing and dynamics. She made the first sound metal dome tweeters (do not ask how - it is still one of the most guarded secrets MA). In acoustics series Studio, which has already become a part of history, the company has shown the world what benefits give aluminum diffusers bass drivers. Initially, 90 to the firm comes recognition begins golden era in the development of, and which has become the quintessential in 2000 a new series of speakers Gold Reference.

"Twenty" in this model range is not the biggest, but attractively priced. Midrange and woofers with special surface texture diffuser made of metal composites and work each in his volume. Anodized gold dome C-CAM tweeter closed acoustically transparent grill.

Not even once realized to begin the description of sound GR20. They have no Noteworthy lack of - in this I fully agree with experts from other publications. No, indeed, any catchy features. This is surprising as balanced on all important and secondary quality system.

British bass speakers regains clear very convincingly, without losing sight of the weak, but important musically harmonics needed to transfer color. Not sure about the lower range of Monitor Audio GR20 starts with 30 Hz, as stated in the instructions, but above fifty, on subjective feelings, frequency response is like a ruler.

Mid-frequency band I would describe as refined. No hint of color, no bustle and stress - free sound, naked, extremely heed. A description for the upper range of the best fit the definition of "fair". Trebles natural, ringing in abundance, but no aggression, and higher components - without a hint of a veil. Compared with top-end acoustics MA sample 90s, which at one time was at my house and is still remembered as the standard of years gone by, tweeters sound character was perceived as a more mature, discreet and precise.

Nevertheless it like a man who has passed through the hands of more than one pair of products MA, I should also point out shortcomings. They concern only the build quality. Happens, the polarity of the tweeters confuse, the basket is not properly screw the speakers. For samples submitted for testing, which clearly worked for more than a month in the showroom, vibration speaker terminals may be loose. And so, I only write off instability in general very good soundstage. So you want to e-mail unsubscribe request Eric Lytra, in whose competence are quality issues: strengthen control of production! To the ideal, then at hand ...

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