Focal-JMLab Chorus SW 700 V Subwoofer

The French Chorus SW 700 sub attracts you not only by unusual appearance (the design is developed by the famous Pineau & Le Porcher bureau), but also solid construction. To minimize side-tones the body is cut out of MDF plates with the thickness of 25 mm and carefully plugged from the inside. The dynamical emitter, made by the branded Polyglass technology, differs by extremely rigid and light diffuser and not quite usual caliber - 27 cm. The head is installed on the bottom face of the body and together with accurately designed bass-reflex provides a big depth of bass (passport value of the lower border is 29 Hz). An amplifier does not disappoint too - the modern BASH scheme has a great energetic potential and can give 450W of peak power. The developers also took care of ease to integrate the sub into any system. Linear and high-level inputs and also the separate LFE, through which the signal goes bypassing filter, are provided for connection.

With proper setting Focal Chorus SW 700 gives an impressive by depth bass with clear structure and perfect control in the main working area. And although sometimes subtle low-frequency nuances a bit hide, the foundation of music is conveyed in the most authentic way. Certain inertia of the diffuser affects the fastest passages - the developers clearly relied on the maximally possible depth of bass. At the increased volume levels the sub is truly exemplary - there are no audible compression and noticeable overhang of the bass-reflex port.

Focal-JMLab Chorus SW 700 V Subwoofer photo