Monitor Audio BXW10 Subwoofer

The BXW10 model represents the last generation of a budget line the Bronze. Unlike the previous versions this subwoofer is realized in closed acoustic design that improves accuracy of playback of low frequencies. The diffuser of a 10-inch head is made by the C-CAM patented technology used in almost all acoustics of this brand. Its main merits are not only high rigidity and low weight, but also low nonlinear distortions by high amplitudes of a signal.

The digital amplifier with a rated power of 200 W - in developers' opinion, it is should be enough for home conditions. The Monitor Audio Company is always notable for heightened attention to appearance of their products, and the BXW10 is not an exception. It is proposed right in four styles of finish with quality vinyl film, imitating a veneer of various kinds of wood.

It is just the case, when obvious advantages of a closed case are immediately heard. The subwoofer is notable for sufficiently fast and distinct bass with accurate, on the whole, transfer of a low-frequency attack and rhythmic structure. Despite of relatively modest bass depth, the BXW10 does not give up even in the association with a floor acoustic. Among small shortcoming can be mentioned some tendency to monotonic flow - still for the subwoofer separate bass sounds are a little bit better than repetitive low-frequency passages. And one more hint: at the high playback levels sometimes certain casing overtones may appear, therefore it is necessary to be careful with the level regulator.

Monitor Audio BXW10 Subwoofer photo