Monitor Audio MRW10 Subwoofer

The active MRW10 subwoofer effectually combines the traditional design and the innovative technical decisions. The main piece of hardware is the 10-inch driver specially developed with the MMP (Metal Matrix Polymer) composite diffuser. During its production the polypropylene base is reinforced with thin metal film, as a result the stiffness is significantly increased. The energetic capabilities of the built-in digital amplifier are relatively small (the nominal rating power is 100W); nevertheless its key advantage is the high efficiency. The loading is represented with the rearward slotted bass reflex which allows minimizing the turbulent side-tones at high volume. The backboard of the subwoofer looks quite functional. It has all the necessary controllers, including the cut-off frequency controller, the level and phase controller and the line input for connecting to the amplifying technique.

British subwoofer features the extremely deep bass as for the visible case volume. The might blow is felt even with the adequate floor-standing speaker system, but with the help of adjustments it can be also used with the small shelf monitors. The subwoofer has quite high initial response, even though sometimes it can detract the intensity of workings. It is worthy of note that this happens only during the work with the most dynamic phonograms in terms of the bass attack. At high volume the control is a bit lost at the bottom of the band that is why the sound is slightly worsen in its outlines. Apparatus casing is well dampened and does not produce any noticeable side-tones up to the critical levels.

Monitor Audio MRW10 Subwoofer photo