Focal Cub 3 Subwoofer

A compact Cub 3 sub belongs to the theatrical Focal line and is designed for combined work with the branded satellites. Externally the device is almost a perfect cube, resting on small legs. A large flare of the bass-reflex is on the front wall and low-frequency head is directed to the floor. The driver's diffuser with the diameter of 210 mm is made of the patented Polyflex composite, which combines high rigidity and low weight. The amplifier is made by BASH scheme (this hybrid scheme becomes more popular in subs) and gives up to 150W at the peak. An interesting feature of the model is the fixed value of crossover at 110 Hz. According to the engineers' opinion, this is an ideal indicator for exact balancing with "native" satellites.

Despite of the inability to adjust the crossover, we managed to integrate the sub into test system. And its sound did not disappoint us. Cub 3 shows a trenchant, well-controlled bass and by depth can easily compete with many larger competitors. This bass machine also has a very decent rate of fire. Low-frequency attack is quite adequate, but sometimes overhang can seem to be a bit prolonged. Noticeable signs of compression were not detected even at high volume; side-tones of air port are almost absent. The control in the lower part of working band is slightly lowered, but by overall character of sound this is a truly universal device.

Focal Cub 3 Subwoofer photo