Boston Acoustics ASW 250 Subwoofer

Despite of low price, ASW 250 looks incredibly presentable. A high qualitative vinyl was used in finish and side glossy trims are made of wear-resistant plastic. The construction is bass reflex with lower position of airy port. A 10-inch (25 cm) head with a diffusor made of polymer which contains particles of ceramics is installed on the same plane.

Surge output power of built-in amplifier is 100W nominal and 250W at peak, a branded servo Lock BassTrac is introduced in the scheme for improving of sound quality. Commutative terminals are presented by linear input and separate LFE for connection to a home theater system. For easy operation the mode of auto turn on at input signal is provided.

Sound character of Boston ASW 250 answers to the concept of universality, followed by the developers. During the tests any particular genre preferences of this model and no significant limits on the setting were found. Deep enough bass with correct attack and strong energetic impresses you. However a lack of built-in amplifier's power is felt sometimes - this can be understood by light turmoil appearing at work with extremely low basses. By the way, despite of this nuance a rhythmic base doesn't fall into significant transformation: drums line is traced even on recordings of extreme intensity and individual low-frequency notes impress by stunning power and depth.

Boston Acoustics ASW 250 Subwoofer photo