KEF XQ1 Bookshelf speakers

The bodies of KEF XQ1 look like kegs. All the panels, except the front and rear, are convex. The front panel is milled from aluminum and has the bass-reflex port of complex form. Super tweeter with 19-mm titanium dome stands in the separate chromed body. Similar to it shining "bullets" from the bottom play role of spikes. The main range is reproduced by the branded Uni-Q driver with two emitters: 19-mm dome of the main tweeter is placed inside the 165-mm diffuser made of polypropylene. KEF XQ1 is made with exemplary quality and looks very respectably.

Listening. Making sure that everything is okay with quality of bass and middle, I decided to conduct an experiment. How will the speaker system sound without super tweeters? With them the playback is richer. If you put foam plugs on the super tweeters, the transfer of discants becomes more transparent, without haze. It turned out that the advantages can be combined! This depends on inclination of the front panel. Not by chance the back leg is adjustable. I suggest you to make the same experiment in order to find right tilt - I'm sure, the result will please you.

It's a pity that the sound stage can't be adjusted in the same way. Localization is insanely accurate, but where is the depth? By the way, the difficulties with separation are often observed in the systems, in which the resolution of silent sounds is very large or even excessive. So, if you are looking for detailing systems, KEF XQ1 will immediately become your favorites.

KEF XQ1 Bookshelf speakers photo