DLS M60 Bookshelf speakers

DLS M60 speaker systems refer to top series, what is noticeable from the first minutes of our acquaintance. Already taking them from the box, you feel a pleasant heaviness - the weight of each speaker system is 12 kg.

The company uses dynamical heads of its own design and production. The caliber of midbass is 6,5 inches, the tweeter's diameter with cloth dome is 28 mm.

Crossover filter is tuned on the frequency of 3600 Hz and designed by audiophile standards. The proof is only one pair of input terminals of a corresponding high quality. The acoustic design is bass-reflex, located on thr back wall, so it is not recommendable to put the loudspeakers close to wall.

"M" letter in the name of speaker systems means neither more nor less than "Music". And this is absolute truth - there is more than enough music in the Swedish product. The sound literally satisfies the ear from the first minutes of acquaintance. If speak of linearity of playback, it is clearly on top; noticeable deviations in tonal balance were failed to be found. The upper range is exemplary clear and rich in details, high potential of the tweeter is felt. Timbres in middle frequencies are rich and correctly accented, but not worked out always completely. Voice sibilants sometimes need more naturalness, and overhang of some instruments are played not completely.

Bass in DLS M60 is neat and movable, with correct structure. Macro-dynamics is average that, however, is typical for the most of shelf monitors of the same volume. The space is formed confidently, with the right scale and the apparent separation in depth. Sound images are positioned with high accuracy.

DLS M60 Bookshelf speakers photo