Tangent Evo E4 Bookshelf speakers

Tangent Evo E4 can be easily considered as a design speaker system, because it is available in five color variants with high quality of polishing. Wall mountings are provided, so these speaker systems will fit almost any modern interior. But we were intrigued by quite another. It is specified in the passport that these babies are able to play bass from 55 Hz - with such body's volume and closed loading! Unbelievable, but maybe...

The most interesting thing is that Evo E4 can really play bass - in some test programs it was perfectly heard. But, listing to simple music, you can hardly appreciate this advantage to the full. The matter is that the tweeter has a noticeably higher return than midbass and high register masks the lower case, so there is an illusion of the deficit of low frequencies. This problem shouldn't cause problems in the system, which has the timbre control. Rising low frequencies up to about 4-5 dB and lowering high frequencies at about 2 dB you will get almost ideal musical balance without any tonal defects in the middle and, at the same time, quite a decent micro-dynamics throughout the range and expressive, deep stereo space. Dynamical picture in Tangent is also good - fast, clear, in relief. Only overloading capacity is not unlimited. Distortions and distinctive clash because of amplitude limits arise in Evo E4 at relatively low input powers.

Tangent Evo E4 Bookshelf speakers photo