Jamo C601 Bookshelf speakers

The Danish Jamo always differs by very wide assortment, covering almost all price niches - from budget to "premium" class. The model, which we will now listen to - C601 - is included in Concert series, designed for use in both stereo and multi-channel systems.

Compact speaker systems provide the installation on racks and the mounting on the wall (convenient loops are on the back panel). Not typical for this price range solutions are used in the construction: tweeter is in the box, isolating HF-driver from the body's vibrations, diffuser of midbass driver is made of three-layered composite, instead of dustproof cap there is a metallic plug with phase-equalizing "bullet", massive body is with excellent rigidity. Extra high quality of build, finish and also pleasant design are also worth mentioning.

The sound of Jamo C601 differs by an exemplary correctness and liveliness with good dynamics. The middle is especially informative. It is surprising, but the developers were able to get quite tangible and accurate bass in such small volume. The sound stage also gives no reasons for serious criticism. Among the minuses we can note only low response and a slight deficit of the details in the upper band. The latter observation is valid only at the work with the source of very high class and is "treated" geometrically - it is better to choose the position, in which the tweeter is aimed at the listener. Please note: HF-driver is installed under the midbass.

Jamo C601 Bookshelf speakers photo