Polk Audio Rti A3 Bookshelf speakers

The model Rti A3 takes the highest position (there is another more compact system) in the line among shelf speaker systems and is distinguished by a new design with the natural veneer finish. However, now all the Rti series is available in black or "cherry" variant. The body is made by the branded DAHLI technology in the form of multilayer sandwich of MDF plates with a special compound for suppression of internal resonances. Acoustic design is a bass reflex with two ports. A traditional air pipe is placed forward; there is Power Port on the back wall - the patented Polk Audio construction with diffuser which increases the feedback at low frequencies. Heads here are also own-produced - a dome tweeter with an inch silk membrane and a special impregnation and also a 16.5 cm midbass with a polymer diffuser. The parameters of all heads were calculated with a help of computer based simulation.

The speaker systems pleased with a smooth, tonal balance, although the Polk engineers firstly always seek after showiness and intensity of sound. However, all of these are enough here too. Rti A3 differs by powerful drive, wide frequency and dynamical range and does not break to cry at even very high levels. Bass depth is great for such volume, but it is not very well structured. In addition, booming on the tuning frequency of bass-reflex is sometimes noticeable. The upper range is too bright; the middle is played naturally with good, but still schematic presentation of live instruments. But the overall impression is adequate, "within genre".

There are no special remarks to the spatial picture - the scene takes place in a slightly enlarged scale, with a bit blur distant plans, but with accurate localization of the images.

Polk Audio Rti A3 Bookshelf speakers photo