KEF iQ30 Bookshelf speakers

iQ3, the predecessor of this model, gave a good account of itself, having received a lot of awards and compliments from audio experts all over the world. The name of a new version hints at the continuity of generations with the further improvement of the construction. Firstly, we should mention among innovations, being used in iQ30, an absolutely new Uni-Q module, which by its characteristics became closer to a point-source sound.

The diameter of the used module is 6.5 inches (165 mm), a 19-mm tweeter with aluminum dome and special "tangerine" diffuser is in the center. Loading is a bass-reflex on the front wall. Traditionally for KEF the body is neatly made, with rounded side walls and doesn't have parallel surfaces, reducing the occurrence of unwanted resonances to minimum. At the rear part two pairs of high quality gilt terminals are provided for connecting to an amplifier.

The strong point of iQ30 is, undoubtedly, very detailed transfer of the middle with amazing naturalness of vocals and soft natural timbre of live instruments. The systems confidently and carefully deal with classical compositions, showing at the same time high detailing and a perfect (for its sizes, of course) dynamical potential. Basses are quite weighty and well structured, but with the abundance of powerful LF component in soundtrack some compression is heard at high volume. You can also refer to small failures a rough work of the tweeter at times, but the clarity of discants is excellent in the most of phonograms. Perhaps, you need to experiment with speaker cable.

There are no claims to sound scene - the space is built just exemplary in width and scale, with very accurate localization of imaginary sources. Separation in depth, which you can't expect from shelf speaker systems with such price, impresses too.

KEF iQ30 Bookshelf speakers photo