CD-player Denon DCD-500AE

The highest quality workmanship. In addition to the older "seven hundredth" model looks she did not differ: the same beautiful and solid aluminum front panel, elegant design, located in the center of the mechanism developed in Denon. In the path of the choicest used electronic components. Playback functions - only the most necessary. Headphone jack is provided. However, the digital output is represented only optics. Ten years ago the unit with such obvious audiophile orientation, even with such passport data, would cost twice as expensive in three, if not more.

Unlike higher Denon models is that the DCD-500AE is no firm "Alpha processor" (performing digital filtering according to a special patented algorithms and making it sound more like an "analog"). There is also support mp3 CDs and SA-CD. Well, not at first wish - compressed audio successfully reproduce all Chinese DVD-players. But why not play SA-CD, for me personally, a mystery. The fact that the DACs in DCD-500AE (Burr-Brown PCM1791) able to work with DSD-stream. They are set to CD / SA-CD-player DCD-700AE and very expensive universal player DVD-3930.

The most affordable unit in the line of Denon in our test system revealed itself in all its glory. Upper range accurate, correct, without false softness, although a little ostentatious. The middle band is transmitted informative, rich, without a touch-up. Intense bass has a very impressive low-frequency basis, slightly less informative in the workspace, but energetic. Loved the dynamics and clarity of reproduction - some players disguised as High End, better not to compare with the DCD-500AE. Denon sounds exactly, without roll in cold or warm notes, however, is neutral did not call - in the sound feels light and even festive solemnity.

Strengths quality DCD-500AE take high sound resolution in medium and high band. I should also add great separation stage (localization, on the contrary, slightly blurred). Binding imaginary sound source to speakers drivers missing. Even at the edges of the stereo remote images do not nest in the columns, and localized far behind them.

Your price DCD-500AE fulfills and even full marks in the top class competitors turntables. But I am afraid that the first delight buyer will only reinforce the craving for a good sound - you begin to look for a player with more harmonious and mellow sound.

Denon DCD-500AE CD-player photo