ASW Genius 110 Bookshelf speakers

Genius 110 monitors look very presentable. Heavy bodies are finished with a luxurious natural veneer and have rounded edges, preventing internal resonances. A high-class inch ceramic tweeter reproduces the upper part of the range. In addition to decent border (30 kHz) it differs by wide dispersion and significant overload capacity. The lower part is sounded by a 180-mm driver with the diffuser made of the pressed cellulose, specially developed for new Genius. The woofer is equipped with the cast aluminum basket with unusual geometry (Spider technology) and sophisticated vent system of two-layered sound coil. The coil has an increased diameter (39 mm) and is wound with not copper, but light titanium wire.

The character of Genius 110 can be called absolutely neutral. Thanks to the efforts of the developers, precise tonal balance and perfect portrayal of the whole working range delight hearing. In addition, the greatest clarity of playing is exemplary detailed and airy in the middle and in the upper band. A little nonlinearity is seen in section, but you can notice it only in the recordings of the highest quality. Dynamical capabilities of the speaker system allow us to refer the model to quite universal systems, which can adequately play most musical genres. We liked the sound stage too. Having not the most impressing scale, it differs by strikingly sharp localization of imaginary images.

ASW Genius 110 Bookshelf speakers photo