Canton GLE 436 Bookshelf speakers

Canton GLE 436 is a classical two-way monitor with bass-reflex, the port of which is put on the back wall. Each weighty case has a pair of original emitters of own design. High-frequency area of working band is sounded by an inch tweeter with soft fabric dome, placed into small horn. Despite of budget status of the speaker system, the tweeter differs by increased working range (up to 30 kHz) and high overloading capacity. A big bass diffuser with the diameter of 180 mm is made of light aluminum alloy (the German engineers think that it is the most suitable for these purposes). It is fixed on elastic suspension of special form, allowing movable system to shift with significant amplitude - this should affect the low-frequency capabilities of the system.

German monitors Canton GLE 436 differ by their own style - their sound is amazingly clear and well elaborated in all registers. First of all, I should note quite smooth tonal balance, without explicit extrusion of individual sections of the range and also confident macro-dynamics. Speaking about the playing of low frequencies, here is a full order, but you shouldn't wait more from shelf systems. The upper case is exemplary in terms of sound resolution; the lack of detailing is not felt even in the recordings of audiophile quality. Slight reducing of intelligibility in lower middle is, perhaps, a consequence of bass-reflex's work. Sound stage is full-scaled. At the same time, the localization of individual images is accurate and consistent in size; the scale is really three-dimensional.

Canton GLE 436 Bookshelf speakers photo